Bernth, Guitar Shred Virtuoso Conquers the Seemingly Impossible!

Bernth, Guitar Shred Virtuoso Conquers The Seemingly Impossible!


Bernth Guitar Virtuoso


Youtube guitar shred virtuoso Bernth has transposed his adaptation of Paganini’s final “Caprice” for violin. This piece (Caprice 24) has been widely considered to be one of the most difficult pieces ever written for solo violin. Guitar sherd Virtuoso Bernth has not only conquered this incredible piece of music, he shreds it with a razor sharp metal edge as only Bernth can. Bernth kicks off the release of his debut LP Elevation with a shred video of Caprice 24, Check it out!


Bernth describes his debut LP Elevation this way:

“I couldn’t be happier with these new songs and the album in general,” BERNTH says. “My biggest goal was writing fresh, challenging instrumental music that is also easy and entertaining to listen to. All songs were insanely challenging to record but emotion, feeling and melody always had priority. You can find odd meters, exotic scales, unique guitar techniques, the weirdest effect, and many more details all over the album – but always in a way that serves the songs and the emotions they are supposed to portray.”

Before focusing on his YouTube and Instagram presence, BERNTH mainly worked with the Austrian pop/rock act Seiler und Speer, playing on multiple gold and platinum-certified albums and singles in his home country of Austria. His roots lie in the extreme metal genre, where he started his career as a session/live guitar player for the Austrian band Belphegor in 2010. He also wrote David Hasselhoff’s debut metal song “Through the Night” with his electronic metal project CueStack. Aside from his work on stage and in the studio, he is a double honor student of the Vienna Music Institute, where he studied jazz guitar and instrumental pedagogics. BERNTH has taught over 10,000 students in the last two years with his online courses, “10 Steps to Modern Shredding” and “Sweep Picking Masterclass” on and with this weekly video lesson content on

Whether you’re a guitar shredder yourself or a fan of guitar shred music, you will definitely want to get a copy of Bernth’s debut LP Elevation once you’ve head Bernth’s adaptation of this blistering masterpiece. His LP Elevation will be released tomorrow        5-14-21 and you can get a copy of this guitar shredding debut at:

Check out BERNTH online: