Color Of Chaos Concert Review Marquee Theater 05-01-22

Color Of Chaos Concert Review Marquee Theater 05-01-22 by Roc Boyum

Color of Chaos returned to The Marquee Theater on May 1st 2022 for another brilliant show in support of their full length LP “Hollywood” and their latest single release , “Cynical.” On this night, the band opened for the famed 80’s hard rock band Quiet Riot, featuring Rudy Sarzo on bass. So, as an opening band you might think that with a big name band, comes a big draw, and while that may or can be true, there can always be a variable. This show was on a Sunday night which can be another factor in getting people out to a show. Although the attendance was somewhat small compared to the venue capacity, this crowd was loud and mighty; with everyone in attendance a Color of Chaos fan. From the moment the band fired up, it was immediately apparent that these were Color Of Chaos fans as the audience was singing, pumping fists and throwing horns into the air from the beginning of the band’s set.

Steve Carlson-COC

As the show was about to get underway, the house and stage lights dimmed until complete darkness descended upon the venue and stage with no music playing over the PA system. The anticipation for COC was mounting higher with each passing moment until all of a sudden an amazing voice, singing over the PA emerged from the darkness. There was no one on stage, and yet, there was this acapella voice, singing and tearing through the darkness while the entire audience went silent. This was the immense and powerful voice of COC singer Steve Carlson, who was fearlessly singing acapella from back stage; a task that most singers shy away from. Carlson’s, voice immediately fired up the audience while the other band members arrived on stage, one by one. With everyone assembled, the band without hesitation launched into “Eva Destruction,” a brilliant new hard rock track that is yet to be officially released by the band.

The band continued with another blistering unreleased song, “Crucified ” before diving into some more familiar material with four songs in a row from their highly acclaimed debut release Hollywood. The next four songs from the Hollywood LP were “Hate”, “Fadeaway,” “Simple Times” and “Hollywood ” respectively. “Simple Times” is a steadfast anthem rocker that expresses the sentiment of the point in everyone’s life, when life itself was less complicated. A time when enjoying life was the order of the day, and the daily grind that most of us fall into was non-existent; We all wanna go back there indeed! During this song, singer Carlson motioned for everyone to raise their hands and clap, and without hesitation the audience was a sea of hands in the air clapping to the grinding groove of drummer Danny Ott and bassist Lance Eric.

For the last song of the night, the band usually closes with a rockin’ cover of the CCR classic “Fortunate Son” but tonight they changed things up by ending with their latest release, “Cynical.” This was a brilliant choice as “Cynical” is perhaps their best song to date, and a song that always fires up their audience. “Cynical” has a bad ass groove, scorching vocals and some electrifying guitar work by Steve Favela, and, was the most well received song of the night. At the end of “Cynical”, the fans were heard cheering for more, but a waving flashlight from the side of the stage, signaled to the band, that their set was over. Although each bands’ set has a time constraint, this is a most unfortunate circumstance that can happen to an opening band; especially when their fans don’t want their show to end. Looking forward to a longer set from these guys next time around!

Although “Cynical” is not available on CD or LP yet, check out their video of “Cynical ” below and you’ll see what I’m talking about; I think you’re gonna like it!

Color Of Chaos-Cynical

Growing a fan base is a cumulative process and Color Of Chaos are adding fans at an exponential rate with every show. At this show, the band definitely added some new fans to their family with their kick ass performance of great songs and killer musicianship. When these guys get on a USA tour with a well known big band, their fan base will explode in numbers and they just might be headlining the Marquee Theater when they return.

Get on board with the Color Of Chaos bullet train now, and become part of the family and fun!

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