Eric Jeffreys, The Hardway

Eric Jeffreys and The Hard Way At The Whisky

Eric Jeffrys and The Hard Way

Eric Jeffreys and The Hard Way Perform At The Whisky a Go Go Feb. 27, 2015

Posted 3/19/15

By Allie Jorgen, LA Metal Media

​Friday, February 27, 2015, The Hard Way performed at the World Famous Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles as direct support for Jack Russell’s Great White. As Jack Russell was the original singer for Great White, I knew this was going to be a truly great show.

The night started off with 5 really good high energy local bands, each with their own unique sound. Then The Hard Way took the stage fronted by the manic Eric Jeffreys and his All Star Band. The band consists of Joe Drock on Guitar, Tim Luce from Alcatrazz on bass, John Huldt on Guitar (South Bay Music Awards-Guitar Player of the Year 2013) and veteran rock drummer, Bobby Rock from Lita Ford, Slaughter, Alcatrazz and Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Not to mention the extremely sexy Hard Way Dancers,

HW Dancer-2HW Dancer-1









Having seen this band before, I knew their set would be some none stop serious kick ass Heavy Rock. With 5 bands on before The Hard Way the crowd was a little anxious for the main act and The Hard Way was going to have to deliver the goods to keep this audience engaged. They hit the stage hard with their first song titled “Cum” with a sound that was so tight and intense, that it was immediately obvious to everyone that these guys were in a whole different league than the previous bands.

From the first note of their 6 song set The Hard Way kept the audience riveted to the stage and Eric had complete command of the audience throughout their show. Eric is definitely a man with a message and when he introduced his new song, “Police Brutality” it was clear that he had a lot to say about the state of current affairs. The set was high energy and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.
Stand out moments in the set were Let It Rock, and Diabolical Bitch.


Of course the extraordinary drum solo by Bobby Rock –“> Just a brief taste of the solo below: