November 2022

November 25, 2022

November 21, 2022 — The Dogs are finally back in town! THE WINERY DOGS, that is!

It’s been, well, a literal dog’s age since the vibrant powerhouse trio known as THE WINERY DOGS–RICHIE KOTZEN, MIKE PORTNOY, and BILLY SHEEHAN–marked their recording territory with new music. But now, following a seven-year break from the studio, THE WINERY DOGS are back in full force with their aptly named third album III, which is set for release on February 3, 2023 on the band’s Three Dog Music label (via Burnside Distribution/The Orchard). Following in the footsteps of their first two albums, III was once again self-produced by The Winery Dogs and mixed by longtime band associate Jay Ruston.

Pre-orders will be available starting Friday, December 9 on CD and all digital formats, which include an instant download of the album’s first song to be released, “Xanadu.” A vinyl edition of III will also be forthcoming in just a few months.

While the all-out smokin’ opening track and lead single “Xanadu,” title might evoke different imagery in more progressive-leaning listening circles, KOTZEN’s zen-seeking, hard-rocking ruminations on “Xanadu” once again shine a light on the eternal power of good collaboration. “Coming out of the gates, that’s a barnburner,” acknowledges PORTNOY. “It’s one of the fiercest tracks on the album.” Incidentally, eagle ears will also delight in picking up on how definitively PORTNOY drops his drumsticks right as the song concludes. “At the end there, you’re hearing me toss my sticks — not in frustration, but very much in satisfaction of what we had just done,” he clarifies with a laugh.

In addition to the new music, fans will also be excited to hear that the trio is hitting the worldwide concert trail starting February 15 in Greensburg, PA at the Palace Theatre for their “202III World Tour.” Ticket and VIP package info can be found on the band’s official website.

From the clarion call for connection and societal understanding in “Mad World” to the door-opening personal realizations of “Breakthrough” to the undeniable muscle-flexing reign of the white-hot “Pharaoh” and the album-closing energy spillage of “The Red Wine,” all 50-plus minutes of III prove THE WINERY DOGS haven’t lost a step when it comes to conjuring fresh hooks, gutbucket grooves, and bold harmonies.

That said, it’s been a long road back to the collective compound for guitarist/vocalist RICHIE KOTZEN, bassist/vocalist BILLY SHEEHAN, and drummer/vocalist MIKE PORTNOY. Back in 2015-16, they hit the road hard together to showcase their mettle as hardcore (you guessed it) road dogs in order to build upon the success of their well-received 2015 sophomore studio effort, HOT STREAK, by touring all across the globe. Eventually, the seasoned trio returned to their respective corners to focus on various other projects for the ensuing next few years. But when that live itch needed another scratching, these three working musicians knew just what they had to do.

“We wanted to tour,” KOTZEN confirms succinctly of The Winery Dogs’ 22-date run in early 2019 that was appropriately dubbed “Who Let The Dogs Out,” before adding, “We had to get those cylinders firing together once again.” Concurs PORTNOY, “That was a fun little tour that reignited our enthusiasm — and that’s also when we knew a third album was definitely in the cards.” Adds SHEEHAN, “Getting back together like that was really refreshing. We could relax a bit and enjoy being together onstage, playing without any pressure. It was a beautiful thing.”

Duly reinvigorated, THE WINERY DOGS were finally aligned to record again by initially ensconcing themselves together in KOTZEN’s intimate, cozy home studio in Southern California to jam on new material that was mainly created in the moment during many hours of face-to-face musical interaction. Always the driven and intuitive songwriter, KOTZEN displays a definitive M.O. whenever he’s working out new songs in the studio by scatting melodies and putting forth short bursts of semi-improvised lines and phrases that will soon enough transform into sharply honed subject matter. “My attitude is this:  when I’m in the studio creating new music, the last thing on my mind is, ‘How am I gonna do it live?’” KOTZEN admits. “The reality is, I may never get to where I’ll do it live. What’s relevant is getting the vision that’s in my head, in my heart, and in my soul to come out of the speakers. If it gets to the point where the tour is booked, the dates are confirmed, and we all get back in the rehearsal room together, that’s when you figure out, ‘OK, how do I interpret this in a way it can be delivered live, and still be the same song?’”

III is the follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed and Billboard-charting album, HOT STREAK, which was released October 2, 2015 on Loud & Proud Records via RED (a division of Sony Music Entertainment). After landing in the Top Five on many of Amazon’s pre-order charts, including #1 on the Amazon BestSellers/Hard Rock chart and #1 on the Amazon Pre-Orders/Hard Rock Albums charts, it sold 30% more than their 2013 self-titled debut, landing them on various Billboard album charts including #2 on “Top Current Alternative Albums,” #5 on “Top Current Hard Music” and “Top Hard Music Albums,” #6 on “Top Current Rock Albums” and “Album Core / Genre Rock,” #15 “Top Current Physical Albums,” #16 “Top Current Albums,” and  #30 on the “Top 200 Albums” chart. 

Upon its release, HOT STREAK racked up rave reviews. hailed, “HOT STREAK is the trio’s second album, and its loose, friendly feel shows that the trio doesn’t feel compelled to rely on instrumental pyrotechnics. The bluesy, soulful ‘Think it Over’ would appeal to those who admire the Allman Brothers, while ‘Captain Love’ shows that the band also has some hard rock energy to unleash, and the title track lets fly some of the technical proficiency that its members are known for.” And praised, “HOT STREAK picks up where their debut CD left off, but showcases the band coming into their own with straight-ahead rockers like ‘Oblivion,’ ‘Captain Love,’ and ‘Devil You Know.’”

BLACK LAVA Streams Debut Album ‘Soul Furnace’ Ahead of Release

Emerging blackened death metal quartet BLACK LAVA (ft. members of VIPASSI, ex-NE OBLIVISCARIS, AMDBL, HADAL MAW, etc.) will release its debut full-length, ‘Soul Furnace,’ this Friday, November 25, 2022 via Season of Mist! The band is now streaming the album in its entirety ahead of its release! Listen at THIS LOCATION.

Modern Metal Sensations LEAGUE OF DISTORTION Excite with Remarkable Fourth Single, “I’m A Bitch”

German modern metal upstarts LEAGUE OF DISTORTION have introduced an incredibly refreshing sound to the scene with the successful releases of fiery first singles “Wolf or Lamb” and “My Revenge”, proving the musical finesse and experience of lead members Anna “Ace” Brunner (Exit Eden) and Jim “Arro” Müller (Kissin’ Dynamite). While the electrified third single “It Hurts So Good” recently added to their dangerous mood, the quartet goes all out by showing their most resilient side on final single “I’m A Bitch”, landing just before the release of their self-titled debut album this Friday, November 25 via Napalm Records.
The vibrant formation doesn’t make any compromises by offering a wild, energetic sound that doesn’t hide behind any norms. “I’m A Bitch” kicks off with hypnotizing rhythms, rising up to a grooving, hard-hitting soundscape while making an empowering statement with its music video.
“This song is about social prejudice and inequality. Women and men are still being treated with different measures. With this provocative topic, song and music video, we are speaking up against this injustice, wanting to persuade you to reprogram the old patterns of thinking.”


 Lucifer Star Machine Launch New Single & Music Video “I Wanted Everything”

“I Wanted Everything” is the second single leading up to Lucifer Star Machine’s fifth studio album ‘Satanic Age. A melodic punk rock track featuring raw guitars and big hooks, “I Wanted Everything” is released together with a music video premiered by Vive Le Rock.

The band on “I Wanted Everything“:

“The day will come when you look into the mirror and ask yourself: ‘did I live my life to the fullest?’. Life is too short to let it spiral into an endless circle of routine. Live every day as it would be your last, because you owe it to yourself.”

I Wanted Everything” is out now on all streaming platforms. Lucifer Star Machine’s upcoming album ‘Satanic Age‘ will be released on The Sign Records on April 14, 2023.

Venomous Concept (feat. Shane Embury & Kevin Sharp) reveals details for new album, ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’; drops new single, “Voices”, via Decibel Records

Venomous Concept – the punk band formed by Napalm Death‘s Shane Embury and former Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp – are set to return with their most expansive, boundary-obliterating album to-date, The Good Ship Lollipop, due out February 24th via Decibel Records. For a preview of The Good Ship Lollipop, the album’s anthemic first single, “Voices”, can be heard here: – which finds Sharp and Embury joined by fellow Napalm Death guitarist John Cooke alongside Carl Stokes, former drummer of U.K. death metal legends Cancer. The group’s fifth full-length will receive an exclusive North American vinyl and cassette release through Decibel Records, which is available for pre-order now at: – in the following limited-edition formats:-Glow-in-the-Dark(ness) Blue Vinyl (limited to 100 copies)-Lollipop Pink Vinyl (limited to 200 copies)-Hazy Weed Vinyl (limited to 200 copies)-Lollipop Pink Cassette Shell Tape (limited to 100 copies)
Engineered by Piers Mortimer (Deep Purple) and produced by long-time friend and soundman Simon Efemey (Paradise Lost, Amorphis), the record was challengingly recorded during the height of the pandemic in 2020. “It was an amazing fun and creative experience, recording while there were COVID restrictions,” Embury offers. “We seem to only now dimly recall the whole process but this record lives it and breathes it…When the pandemic hit, we decided we needed to make an album that didn’t fit. We all loved so much other kind of punk and rock, so why not explore that which is, in essence, closer to our hearts? To do the same album over and over again would be boring.” “When Decibel released the Deadguy live record [Buyer’s Remorse] this year, my gears turned,” says Sharp. “Having supported the band in print and via flexi disc, we were stoked to see [Decibel editor] Albert [Mudrian]’s interest in this VC record. It’s a different kind record and deserves a different kind of approach. The music industry is in constant evolution and this approach to getting our music out seems like a good fit amongst old friends on our terms.”

French Hard Rockers BLACKRAIN Release New Single & Lyric Video for “Raise Your Glass”

French Sleaze rockers BLACKRAIN release their new single and a lyric video for the song, Raise Your Glass”today!
The song is taken from the forthcoming studio album ‘Untamed out November 25th.

Sometimes it takes a few years until a band finds that perfect sound they have in mind for their songs.

For the new album ‘Untamed’ by the French Sleaze Rockers BLACKRAIN, that’s exactly the case. Although already established as a band with their six previous releases and also very successful on tour (among others with Europe, Alice Cooper, Scorpions or Steel Panther), the quartet around singer Swan now presents a work that sets new quality standards in every aspect. 

“We love the powerful sound, the banging drums, this awesome mix of catchy melodies and aggression that permeates ‘Untamed’ from the very beginning,” bassist Matthieu de la Roche enthuses and goes on naming the producer of the new quality work: Hannes Braun, front man of the German hard rockers Kissin` Dynamite and an important figure in sound engineering. De la Roche“Hannes told us: ´I love your songs, your show really has excited me, I know exactly how your next record should sound!`. Thanks to his help, we found the sound we’ve been looking for for ten years.”

The connection between the French group and their German producer was practically self-evident: BLACKRAIN accompanied Kissin` Dynamite on their last European tour and they were friends for about a decade. “Kissin Dynamite was our support band in 2009 in a big gig in Paris. Now we are supporting them, and we are fine with this because it allowed us to cross Europe and catch a new public,” tells De La Roche.

Out of this friendship sprang a fruitful collaboration. Swan, the singer and front man: “I honestly don’t know how Hannes managed it, but whenever I sent him a new song for review and mix, he found that perfect last piece of the puzzle to refine it.”

With ‘Untamed’ (the cover artwork is done by the Asian graphic artist Yellow Mushi) BLACKRAIN has definitely created a small masterpiece!

Herman Li (DragonForce) and Tim Henson (Polyphia) discuss the challenges of being Asian in the metal community: “I have a difficult time expressing emotion in general”, says Tim Henson, regarding recent interview controversy

In a recent “Shred Talk”-episode with Polyphia‘s Tim Henson, DragonForce‘s Herman Li addressed the controversy, setting the record straight about Tim’s “unwaveringly flat tone” and the challenges of being Asian in the metal community:

–Herman Li: “I was reading an article at, and…they kind of said you talk in a flat voice, with no emotion, and things like that – I feel like they didn’t understand your Asian side a bit…I can be pretty blunt and pretty flat tone…”

–Tim Henson: “That’s definitely part of my upbringing…I have a difficult time expressing emotion in general…Now if I’m doing interviews, via zoom, I make sure that I’m ready, presentable, and I turn my camera on, and try to be a little bit chipper. To avoid getting done dirty like that, just for speaking.”

Into Dust Full-Length From California Sludge Veterans Out TODAY On Relapse Records; US Headlining Tour Underway

California sludge veterans -(16)- return with their heaviest and most devastating record to date, Into Dust! Out TODAY on Relapse Records, the new album — a collection of cautionary tales of survival and redemption — is set to an amalgamation of sludge, punk, metal, hardcore, and stoner riffs that could only be built through thirty years of commitment to their dark sonic craft, which -(16)- continues to improve upon.

Into Dust is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Find physical orders via HERE and digital downloads/streaming services HERE.

TRIBUNAL: Vancouver-Based Gothic Doom Metal Duo To Release Debut LP, The Weight Of Remembrance, Through 20 Buck Spin In January; “Apathy’s Keep” Now Playing + Preorders Posted

20 Buck Spin presents the label’s first release of 2023, the melancholic and entrancing debut LP from Vancouver, British Columbia-based duo TRIBUNAL.

TRIBUNAL may yet be unknown to the wider world, but their spellbinding The Weight Of Remembrance is poised to immediately change that. Steeped in the black velvet finery of gothic doom metal, the band weaves dark tales of ultimate judgement, never-ending rain, and forsaken despair.

Featuring classically trained cellist/bassist/vocalist Soren Mourne and guitarist/vocalist Etienne Flinn, TRIBUNAL’s brick-heavy classic doom riffage borders on death metal heaviness, like My Dying Bride filtered through a colossal stained-glass edifice. The sound is instantly familiar with nods to the ‘80s and ‘90s but never sounds retro or like mere homage. Rather, The Weight Of Remembrance evokes the feeling of a painstakingly composed orchestral movement fit for a crumbling cathedral overgrown with moss. The duo frequently trades off vocals alternating between haunted wailing cleans, scathing black-metal style shrieks and dread-filled death calls.

Joining Mourne and Flinn, The Weight Of Remembrance features additional contributions from several other talented musicians, including drums by Julia Geaman, additional drums on “Apathy’s Keep” by Magdalena Wienski, piano on “Remembrance” by Claine Lamb, and additional vocals by Rory Say. The album was recorded by TRIBUNAL except for the primary drums which were recorded by Andrew Conroy at Fifth Chord Studios and Wienski’s drums which were recorded by Violetta Macri at CJSF, after which the songs were mixed and mastered by Markov Soroka. The beautifully painted cover artwork was created by Soren Mourne, with lettering and frame by Karmazid, photography by Liam Kanigan, and layout by Dan Fried completing the presentation.

TRIBUNAL’s debut is an essential addition to the modern doom canon, one which can expand in infinite musical directions from a base of crushing tragic heaviness and forlorn purpose. In that sense The Weight Of Remembrance has the accomplished atmosphere of a band beyond their years in the scope and execution of its vision. Fans of My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Occultation, Dream Unending, and Pentagram should not miss out on TRIBUNAL.

The lead single from TRIBUNAL’s The Weight Of Remembrance, “Apathy’s Keep,” can now be streamed at YouTube HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

The Weight Of Remembrance will be released on LP, CD, CS, and digital on January 20th. Preorders have been issued through the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional previews of the LP to post shortly, and for TRIBUNAL to announce select live performances throughout 2023.

November 17, 2022

On December 30, 2022’s big rock debut Classless Act puts an end cap on an incredible year for the band, playing hometown venue The Knitting Factory as part of their “Most Wonderful Tour of the Year.” 

…AND OCEANS Unveils New Song, “Likt Törnen Genom Kött”

Symphonic black metal formation …AND OCEANS is now unveiling a brand new single, “Likt Törnen Genom Kött.” The song is taken from the band’s upcoming full-length album, ‘As in Gardens, so in Tombs,’ which will be released on January 27, 2023 via Season of Mist. Listen at THIS LOCATION.

…AND OCEANS comment on the track: “After the latest straight forward track, we are exploring the sound of the 90s a bit more with a lot of melodies and taking down the tempo a bit with this third single. This is also the first song fully in Swedish in ages and like Mathias mentioned; ‘this song just screamed for Swedish lyrics.'”

The album can be pre-ordered HERE and pre-saved HERE.


In line with the current live shows, Stratovarius have released a visually stunning music video for the  “Survive,” the title track of their new album. It offers intimate insight into the band’s everyday touring life and increases fans anticipation for upcoming live concerts.

“We spent five or six days solid, trying to come up with the lyrics for that song,” notes Jens Johansson. “When we finally settled on that punchline for the chorus, it was a good song about survival and it all just seemed to fit. It fits with the history of the band too, because we managed to survive as long as we have. This band has been through some strange days! The original line-up formed in 1984, so it’s been a long story. It was the middle of the summer, there were forest fires everywhere, there was a global pandemic, and all kinds of crazy shit going on. Some of the lyrics are perhaps less uplifting than they could have been, but that reflects our mood at the time. There’s a lot of positive stuff on there as well!”

SURVIVEis available here.


OZZY OSBOURNE yesterday (November 15) earned four Grammy nominations for his hugely successful and critically acclaimed PATIENT NUMBER 9 album. These mark the most nominations he’s ever received for a single album. The 2022 nominations are for: Best Rock Performance: “Patient Number 9,” Ozzy Osbourne feat. Jeff Beck”; Best Metal Performance: “Degradation Rules,” Ozzy Osbourne feat. Tony lommi; Best Rock Song: “Patient Number 9,” John Osbourne, Chad Smith, Ali Tamposi, Robert Trujillo & Andrew Wotman, songwriters (Ozzy Osbourne feat. Jeff Beck); and Best Rock Album for Patient Number 9. Read a Q&A with OZZY below where he talks about the nominations and more.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter previously has won three Grammy Awards and received eight nominations. In 1993 OZZY won a solo Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for “I Don’t Want To Change the World” and two Grammys as a member of Black Sabbath for “Best Metal Performance” in 2000 for “Iron Man” and in 2013 for “Best Metal Performance” for “God Is Dead?” from 13.
PATIENT NUMBER 9–released September 9 and marking OZZY’s 13th solo studio album–triumphantly sets new career highs for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy®-winning singer and songwriter. The critically acclaimed album has topped his previous chart entries with record-breaking numbers around the world. In the U.S., the album debuted at #1 on multiple charts: Top Album Sales (Ozzy’s first #1 ever on this chart), Top Current Album Sales (another first), Top Rock & Alternative Albums, Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Rock Albums, Top Vinyl Albums and Tastemaker Albums charts; and at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Globally, the album charted at #1 in Canada (OZZY’s first-ever #1 there); career high #2 entries in the UK, Australia, Finland and Italy; #6 in the Netherlands and New Zealand; #8 in Belgium; and #14 France. Other highlights include #2 Austria, Germany and Sweden; #3 in Switzerland; and #4 in Norway.Working with producer Andrew Watt for the second time, OZZY welcomed a dynamic A-list featured guests on the album. For the first time ever, Black Sabbath co-founder, guitarist, and riff-master Tony Iommi appears on an OZZY solo album. The record also boasts guitarists Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and longstanding righthand man and six-string beast Zakk Wylde who plays on the majority of the tracks. For the bulk of the album, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers held down drums, while the late Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters appears on three songs. Old friend and one-time OZZY band member Robert Trujillo of Metallica plays bass on most of the album’s tracks, with Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses and Chris Chaney supplying bass on a few songs.Q&A WITHOZZY OSBOURNEQ: How does it feel to have received four nominations for the new album?OZZY: “I’m honestly overwhelmed. Making this record was a great way to me to get back to work as I continued to heal. It’s pretty great to be acknowledged at this point in my career.”Q: Between the pandemic and you going through your surgeries, do you think that contributed to making another record so quickly? OZZY: “Well, the thing was I had all this time–we all did through the pandemic. Instead of lying there and just doing my physical therapy, the record actually got me doing something that I love.” Q: What was your mindset when you were writing and recording the album? OZZY: “I was thinking about the times we’ve been living in. There wasn’t much good news. It was a fucking war in Ukraine and the pandemic. The world seemed to be on the brink of a bad thing.” Q: How do you feel at this point in your career having the kind of notoriety you’ve achieved with this album? OZZY: “The business forever surprises me. It’s never a safe bet. I’ve done things in the past where I tell myself ‘this is going to be a hit.’ Then it’s gone down the shitter and other things I’ve done…It’s done the opposite. I’m very cheered up by the support.” Q: The interesting thing about the album is it features top musicians, including some old friends. OZZY: “Oh yeah. I mean the guitars are Tony [Iommi], Zakk [Wylde], Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck’s fucking phenomenal work, plus Robert Trujillo on bass. It’s turned out better than I ever expected. And having Taylor Hawkins with me in the studio like a week or two before he died was amazing. To think he’s gone breaks my heart.” Q: It must be special that “Degradation Rules” which features Tony Iommi, was nominated for a Grammy. OZZY: “Such great news. I mean that song would’ve made a great Black Sabbath track. It’s a very well-structured song. I’ve known Tony since I was 12 years old and I’m glad to say we’ve continued a really good friendship. Tony’s been very supportive of me while I’ve been recovering from surgery. He’s been in constant contact, which has been great.” Q: What’s the collaboration like with producer Andrew Watt? OZZY: “He’s a lot better than most producers at collaboration. The fact that he plays guitar, and I don’t, and he works with machines and I don’t, makes it easier. It’s just great working with him. We end up arguing a bit with…sometimes, but not a lot!” 

Pagan & Folk Metal Giants HEIDEVOLK Return with New Album, WEDERKEER + Premiere Music Video for First Single Watch the brand new video clip below. WEDERKEER out February 24, 2023 via Napalm Records

Pre-Order HERE

Five years since the release of their much-acclaimed album, VUUR VAN VERZET, February 24, 2023 will see Dutch folk metal collective HEIDEVOLK return with their seventh studio album on Napalm Records – continuing to keep the pagan flame burning! 

Ever since their impressive 2005 debut, De strijdlust is geborenHEIDEVOLK has taken the heavy music scene by storm, conquering stages throughout the world with their very own brand of folk metal. With dual clean vocals, irresistibly catchy songs, traditional instruments and fast metal riffing all fueled by their folkloric fire and pagan pride, HEIDEVOLK delivers for an uncompromising sound and musical adventure. Their new masterpiece, WEDERKEER, makes no exception, and proves why the Arnhem-based six-piece is one of the best, unrivaled and most exciting bands of their genre and beyond! 

Today, the band has shared a music video for their first album single, “Klauwen Vooruit”, that immediately kicks off with the raw pagan metal power HEIDEVOLK are loved for, merging folkloric soundscapes, fast-paced riffs and ultralarge choirs.

Says the band:
“We’re incredibly excited to present you the first song and music video of our new album. 

“Klauwen Vooruit” (The Hunter’s Claw) brings you the story about the extraordinary pact between Wolf and Raven. A bond between predator and scavenger where ravens alert wolves to nearby prey. The wolves respond to the raven’s call, kill the prey, eat their share and leave the carcass for the ravens to feast on.

…And there is more coming up, a lot more!“

Der Weg einer Freiheit Shares New Live Video for “Eiswanderer”



[New York, NY – November 11, 2022] – Today, multi-talented viral singer, songwriter, and producer JVKE announces his debut headline shows at The Gramercy Theater in New York City on January 25, 2023 and The Roxy Theater in Los Angeles on January 31, 2023. Tickets are on sale now – for more information, please visit These headline shows will follow JVKE’s performances at the official Jingle Ball Pre-Shows in Los Angeles and New York City on December 2nd and December 9th respectively.  JVKE announces these shows following the viral success of his hit single “golden hour,” which has been streamed and viewed over 260 million times worldwide times to date. The track marked JVKE’s Billboard Hot 100 debut, which has now been on the chart for 11 weeks and counting and is currently #22 at Top 40 Radio. It has been added to Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits, reached #1 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart and Global Viral chart simultaneously, and landed on a number of additional playlists. JVKE’s viral video that features the song has received over 150 million views across all platforms. JVKE made his television debut performing the track on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last month – watch the performance HERE. “golden hour” comes from JVKE’s debut album this is what __ feels like (Vol. 1-4) (said this is what blank feels like) released in September, which has amassed over 300 million streams to date. Written, recorded and produced entirely by JVKE and his brother ZVC in his Rhode Island home, the album is a collection of songs that document the life cycle of a relationship. Broken into 4 stages (falling in love, heartbreak, sadness, and falling out of love), JVKE carefully crafted melodies, lyrics, and production to simulate the feelings that the titles describe and that he experienced himself in this cycle. The track list reflects the order of these cycles and JVKE hopes to evoke emotion at every turn during each chapter.
Cumulatively, JVKE has amassed over 700 million streams, 35+ billion views of his music across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and built an audience of 15 million-plus followers on his social media pages. He most recently was named MTV’s Push artist for October 2022. Earlier this summer, JVKE released his latest single “i can’t help it,” which interpolates the beloved track “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. Previously, he released his single “this is what heartbreak feels like,” a follow up to his RIAA Gold-certified viral 2021 release “this is what falling in love feels like,” which has accumulated over 270 million streams and 45 million views and reached #33 at Top 40 radio. His breakout hit “Upside Down” took the internet by storm in 2020 and has generated over 200 million streams to date which was followed up by a Charlie Puth remix that received a nomination for a Trending: VMA Award. Since his meteoric rise, JVKE has been able to stand out amongst his peers and cut through the virility to establish himself as a genre bending artist and producer on the rise. In addition to his own artist project, JVKE has carved a lane for himself in the production world including his work with global DJ superstars Galantis and on Eric Bellinger’s GRAMMY® nominated album “New Light.”

November 7, 2022

Via Blabbermouth

November 04, 2022

“You Don’t Know What Love Means” is about the cycles of toxic relationships and how sometimes we just need to break the cycle. We want to hear from YOU our fans on what #LoveMeans to you.
Tell us your story! Record a video with your answer, use #LoveMeans and tag us & the song in your post. We’re going to share our favorites and give away signed copies of our new album SPIRITS!
The Fine Print:
-This giveaway is not sponsored by Meta or TikTok
-Contest starts Oct 28 and ends on Nov 17
-Total of 100 signed vinyls will be raffled
-Winners will be selected by the band & notified via DM
#NothingMore #Spirits #LoveMeans #YDKWLM
Click To Watch Jonny Talk About What #LoveMeans


SKID ROW and earMUSIC are celebrating the worldwide chart success of The Gang’s All Here by releasing the lyric video for the song “October’s Song.”

After the overwhelming feedback on this powerful rock ballad, the band have released a visually stunning and instantly iconic video the fans were eagerly awaiting to see.

Currently on their ravingly reviewed U.K. and European tour, SKID ROW’s streak of success continues with their new album The Gang’s All Here topping the official album charts all around the world, proving they still are a force to be reckoned with in 2022! Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Nick Raskulinecz, SKID ROW return to their best form and achieve the first chart entries in 27 years. A truly remarkable comeback!

“We’re extremely excited by the chart positions around the world. Big thanks to all of our fans, earMUSIC, retailers, and the media for supporting The Gang’s All Here. You’re truly amazing!” — SKID ROW

AMORPHIS Reveals New Song “The Well” + Tour Edition Of Halo Now Available; European Co-Headlining Tour With Eluveitie To Commence Next Week

ust one week before the kick-off of their long-awaited co-headlining tour with Eluveitie, AMORPHIS shrouds you in more heavy riffs and timeless melodies by launching their brand new track “The Well.” The song, which is part of the Halo (Tour Edition) digipak that drops today via Atomic Fire Records, was recorded during the band’s latest studio session and is only available on this CD and digitally.

“‘The Well’ tells a story about an individual causing chaos and mayhem by breaking the principles of society. It is a timeless force phenomenon repeating itself in the history of time; a kind of natural force among the human kind,” vocalist Tomi Joutsen states. “The song itself is drawing some influences from the early Scandinavian early black metal and classic AMORPHIS vibes. This one is on the heavier side of the material recorded during the Halo album sessions in 2021.”

Stream “The Well” or order the new Halo (Tour Edition) at THIS LOCATION.  

View the band’s previously released videos for “The Moon,” “On The Dark Waters,” and “Northwards” at THIS LOCATION.

And those of you who haven’t gotten their tickets for the upcoming European tour: Be quick not to miss AMORPHIS on this spectacular run with Eluveitie as well the very special guests Dark Tranquillity and Nailed To Obscurity! Tickets are available at:

Bidding is now under way on eBay for places on two celebrity bowling teams—one captained by broadcast personality Eddie Trunk and the other by 95.5 KLOS on air personalities Frank Kramer and Marci Wiser—for the BOWL FOR RONNIE Celebrity Bowling Party on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at PINZ Bowling Center in Studio City, California. Trunk, who is heard on SiriusXM’s 103 Faction Talk channel, will once again host the event benefiting the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund (, which returns after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. 
Rockers Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine); Brent Woods (Sebastian Bach); Adam Jones (Tool) and Luke Spillar (The Struts) will join Eddie Trunk and the winner of the auction on his celebrity bowling team. At the last bowling party held in 2019, the celebrity competition was the scene of fierce competition, ending with both of the previous year’s top teams–headed by Eddie Trunk and Marc Ferrari respectively–defeated by a team led by Phil Buckman of Fuel. 
The eBay auction for a place on Eddie Trunk’s 2022 team will end on Friday, November 11at 10:02AM Pacific time: You can bid to be on Eddie’s team here:  Additionally, bidding is also on for a spot on the 95.5 KLOS Radio team, co-captained by Frank Kramer of 95.5 KLOS Radio’s Heidi and Frank morning show and on air personality Marci Wiser. Morning show producers Jordan Fitzpatrick and Johnny Ice will also play on their team.    The eBay auction for a place on the 2022 KLOS Radio team will end on Friday, November 11 at 9:53AM Pacific time: You can bid to be on KLOS’s team here:

Celebrities also planning to participate this year include Graham Bonnett and his band members Beth-Ami Heavenstone, Conrado Pesinato and Kyle Hughes; Ministry members Al Jourgensen, Liz Walton, Roy Mayorga, Cesar Soto, Monte Pittman, John Bechdel and Paul D’Amour; Mark Chaussee (Danzig); Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses, Adler’s Appetite); Doug Aldrich (The Dead Daisies); Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.); T-Bone Anderssen (Gov’t Mule); Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne); Chuck Billy (Testament); Ann Boleyn (Hellion); Phil Buckman and Brett Scallions of Fuel; Calico Cooper and Chris Latham (Beasto Blanco/Alice Cooper); Matt Duncan (Armored Saint); Shawn Duncan (DC4); Lita Ford; Tracii Guns and Johnny Martin of LA Guns; Abby Gennet (Slunt); Ritchie Kotzen (Winery Dogs); Patrick Kennison (Lita Ford); Oni Logan and Sean McNabb of Lynch Mob; Marty O’Brien (Daughtry); Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats); Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders); DJ Will (KNAC); Howie Simon (Winger); Michael Spencer (Flotsam & Jetsam); Patrick Stone (Budderside); Dave “Chili” Moreno, Jason Cornwell, Chas West, Jimmy Burkhard and Roy Z of West Bound; Nikki Stringfield (The Iron Maidens); Ahmet Zappa; Diva Zappa; Tim “Ripper” Owens, Casey Trask, David Garcia, Harry Conklin, Sean Elg, and Sean Peck of The Three Tremors featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens; Jennie Vee; Craig Goldy, Simon Wright, Rowan Robertson and Bjorn Englen of the Dio Band; guitarist Bobby Keller; drummer Zak St. John and actors Star Fields (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Vera Vanguard.

November 03, 2022


“Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” has been created for the Metality campaign, which follows Team Vitality’s CS:GO players as they compete at the world’s biggest tournaments 

Trivium frontman and guitarist Matthew K. Heafy,under the name “Kiichi Chaos,” and leading metal and hard rock label Nuclear Blast have teamed up with leading global esports organization Team Vitality for the launch of “Metality (The Vitality Anthem).”

Crafted by Heafy and mixed by prolific producer Josh Wilbur, “Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” demonstrates the growing parallels between competitive gaming and music. “Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” is the first project in what will be a long-term collaboration between Team Vitality and Nuclear Blast. 

 Heafy worked to produce a song which was able to capture the power of esports with heavy metal providing the perfect backdrop. “Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” aims to be a mainstay for Team Vitality with the track being used during events and competitions. 

You can stream “Metality (The Vitality Anthem)” by Kiichi Chaos on YouTube, Spotify, and more. Listen here.

“Metal and gaming are two constants in my life that I hold near and dear,” Heafy states. “I’ve always found that gaming and metal go so well together… it’s as if they BELONG together.”

He continues, “Vitality is an org I have been a longtime fan of — I love their players and I feel they are some of the best on the planet. I love that they have their Metality brand built inside the org as well!  When I was approached to create the theme song for their CS:GO team, I knew instantly what it needed to sound like. It was such a blast to create the piece in which I heard in my head when I think of Vitality and Metality.  Thank you so much to Vitality for allowing me to do this — the partnership between Vitality x Nuclear Blast x Kiichi Chaos is going to show the world how far ahead of the game Vitality is. I look forward to what the future holds for Vitality!”

“I am thrilled about this collaboration with both Matt Heafy and Vitality,” says Nuclear Blast Head of Marketing Tiffany Cantegrel. “Creating more synergies between metal and gaming has been on Nuclear Blast’s radar for a while, and we are proud to make a striking entrance into the esport space with those two heavyweights. It’s a project built from scratch in just one month thanks to the passion of all partners involved. Expect other exciting initiatives to follow!”

Cantegrel finishes, “As a metal fan, I am amazed this killer track will be the Vitality CS:GO anthem, and proud to release it on Nuclear Blast. Special kudos to Matt; his combination of talent, enthusiasm and kindness is unparalleled.”

Team Vitality is more than just an esports organization but a lifestyle brand that embraces the fashion, music, and entertainment worlds. For the Metality campaign, Team Vitality wanted to find a musical universe that matched the energy and style of the CS:GO competitive ecosystem. Spearheaded by Christophe Dureau, Head of Creation at Team Vitality, the theme of heavy metal was born with the campaign taking inspiration from touring metal bands, strong black and red colors and rock musical instruments. 

Since its inception in 2013, Team Vitality has grown into one of the biggest esports organizations in the world and is home to some of the industry’s best esports players who compete in the biggest global esports titles. Team Vitality’s CS:GO team includes world-renowned esports players Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, Emil “Magisk” Reif, and Lotan “Spinx” Giladi. After winning ESL Pro League Season 16, Team Vitality’s CS:GO powerhouse team will be heading to one of this year’s biggest CS:GO events, the 2022 IEM Rio Major on October 31. The team is also currently ranked number one on the prestigious HLTV team ranking.  

As part of the collaboration with Nuclear Blast, Team Vitality will also host a special Danish Metality activation on Monday, November 21. Metal group MØL will hold a special concert for Team Vitality’s Danish fans and the wider esports community with more details coming soon. 

“Team Vitality is very proud to collaborate with Matt Heafy and metal label Nuclear Blast. The first result of this partnership is bringing one of the most respected frontman in the genre to create the hymn for Team Vitality! As a rock/metal enthusiast, I immediately connected with Matt and Nuclear Blast, on both the creative and human side. We love the anthem, it’s catchy, heavy and powerful, just like our CS:GO team! It was amazing that Metality was about to transcend esports frontiers and get noticed by the likes of Hellfest festival and Matt Heafy,” said Christophe Dureau, Head of Creation, Team Vitality.

A global esports organization, Team Vitality is dedicated to the development of excellence and forging a new generation of esports athletes. Home to the world’s best players competing across eight games, Team Vitality intends to dominate the European competition and become a serious contender for the most prestigious global tournaments. A worldwide recognised lifestyle and entertainment brand, Team Vitality and its athletes have over 14 million followers across social media and carry industry-leading partners including adidas and Tezos. Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Maurer and Fabien Devide, Team Vitality is headquartered in the heart of Paris in V.Hive, their state-of-the-art public esports complex, and its players train in V.Performance, a cutting edge facility in the iconic Stade de France. Team Vitality continues to expand beyond France and has athletes and coaching staff of 16 different nationalities. 

Nuclear Blast Records is an independent record label founded in 1987 in Germany. Originally focusing on hardcore punk records, the label diversified releasing albums by all metal genres. NBR has signed and developed some of the most renowned, respected, and influential artists in the world of extreme music, like SLAYER, SEPULTURA, NIGHTWISH, DIMMU BORGIR, TESTAMENT, IMMORTAL, SABATON, MACHINE HEAD, ROB ZOMBIE, BEHEMOTH, and more. Today, it is considered the world’s biggest independent heavy metal label and continues to be at the forefront of the heavy scene.

Matthew K. Heafy is also an avid gamer who steadily built his Twitch profile to massive success in the past few years. His Twitch efforts have been featured by The New York Times, Microsoft, TechCrunch, Forbes, and beyond. He is also a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a food connoisseur. Heafy streams daily on his Twitch channel “matthewkheafy,” displaying the behind-the-scenes work it takes to stay in shape to play guitars and do vocals. He plays Trivium songs by request and every day is a new show made by the fans, for the fans.  Some of Heafy’s notable accomplishments include hosting the first-ever full metal gaming village at Wacken Open Air, competing against Ninja in the Twitch Rivals Summer Skirmish, competing and celebrating the opening of Full Sail’s esports arena, creating Shroud’s theme song, being Streamlab’s top streamer merch seller of all time, being in the top 100 most subscribed to channels on Twitch, leading the charge as the pioneer of music streaming on Twitch (also partnering with Twitch to make the official how-to guides on streaming music on Twitch’s help page), and co-founding the Metal & Honey Foundation, which supports the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for children. 100% of the proceeds directly benefit the music therapy program. Heafy also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, where he surprised a fan and gifted him with a guitar.


LOS ANGELES, CA – Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – L.A. rock band Classless Act is hitting the road on the upcoming “The Most Wonderful Tour of the Year” this November and December, showing live and up close why they are rock music’s most exciting debut of 2022. 

The five-piece act will play hit tracks from its debut album, Welcome To The Show, released June 24 via Better Noise Music, which has already racked up more than 2.8 million streams and drawn in a legion of fans clamoring for the high-energy, attention-grabbing rock music Classless Act creates.

The19-date tour kicks off November 29 in Dallas, TX, and continues through December 31 in San Diego, CA. Dates include headlining shows as well as appearances supporting Billboard chart-toppers Giovannie and The Hired Guns. The full rundown of dates appears below, and tickets are on sale now at

The tour will commence just after the band re-releases their take on the Christmas classic “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” coming November 11.

Also for the holiday season, Classless Act is giving listeners a different, unplugged take on five of the amped-up anthems that make up their debut record, launching a series of acoustic versions of the record’s hit singles, with a new song and video released every two weeks, culminating in a fiv-song collection, Welcome To The Acoustic Showon December 16.

Seeing Classless Act live is a true experience where the talent of Derek Day (vocals), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), Franco Gravante (bass), and Chuck McKissock (drums) really shines and will continue to do so on the upcoming trek.

BraveWords said they “sealed their place among hard rock’s new elite.” Splice affirmed, “While the band may be new, they performed like seasoned pros…Their music was filled with driving beats, big hooks, great guitar work, and equally as important tons of rock n’ roll attitude.” And Dread Music said, “Classless Act absolutely made their presence known as they served up high octane rock music on a platter to everyone in the park…I was a fan before they finished their first song. This band is another in the army of acts that are the future of rock ‘n roll, and I have no doubt that Classless Act will be out there headlining their own tour soon enough.”


LOS ANGELES, CA — Tuesday, November 1, 2022 — Someone once said that “anything worth doing is worth doing twice.” So, Metalheads, 2023 is going to kick off with a brand new round of some of the finest thrash and heavy metal to grace North American stages. Co-headliners Anthrax and Black Label Society, who tore through the country this past summer with their iconic thrash/heavy metal, will be heading back on the road for a 24-date tour, making stops in all new markets, with both bands playing headline sets. Joining Anthrax and Black Label Society as Special Guest on this run will be Northern California’s thrash metal gods, Exodus. The tour launches on January 17 at the Revolution Concert House in Boise, ID, wrapping in Oakland, CA at the Fox Theatre on February 18. Tickets pre-sale details are below,and the public on-sale begins Friday, November 4 at 10:00AM local time. Log onto or for all ticket purchasing information.

Citi is the official card of the Anthrax and Black Label Society Tour.  Citi cardmembers will have access to presale tickets through the Citi Entertainment program.  For complete presale details, visit

As this tour will take the bands to different markets than last summer’s did, the multi-Gold and Platinum, card-carrying member of the Big Four, six-time GRAMMY-nominated Anthrax looks forward to continuing the celebration of its landmark 40th anniversary (now in its 41st year) with fans. According to the band, “We are so pumped to be hitting the road again with Black Label Society. We had such a great time when we toured with them earlier this year, that we had talked about doing it again when we were still on the road together. And, having the guys from Exodus on the bill as Special Guest, will definitely make this a tour not to miss.”

Said Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde, “ANTHRAX is one of The BESTEST LEGENDARY METAL/THRASH BANDS of ALL TIME – I have been buds with SCOTTY, CHARLIE, FRANKIE & JOEY for over 3O years & they are some of the BESTEST people you will meet. JON is The BESTEST new addition ANTHRAX could ask for. The ANTHRAX + BLACK LABEL SOCIETY & EXODUS TOUR is going to be one of the BESTEST TOURS EVER!!”

“Exodus are super stoked to announce that we will be touring with Anthrax and Black Label Society,” said the band’s Gary Holt. “Touring with our long-time friends in Anthrax is always an epic good time, and now we get to tour with BLS and watch Zakk and company rip it up nightly too! Going to be awesome and we will be bringing our unique brand of audio violence to every city! Let the metal roll!”

Dates for the Anthrax/Black Label Society/Exodus North American tour are as follows:


17 Boise, ID, Revolution Concert House

18 Seattle, WA, Paramount Theatre

20 Vancouver, BC PNE Forum

21 Penticton, BC, So. Okanagan Events Ctr.

22 Calgary, AB, Grey Eagle Events Centre

24 Winnipeg, MB, Burton Cummings

25 Grand Forks, ND, Alerus Center

27 Madison, WI, The Sylvee

28 Mt. Pleasant, MI, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

29 Chicago, Il, Radius

31 Montclair, NJ, Wellmont Theater


 2 Portland, ME, Cross Insurance Arena

 3 Uncasville, CT, Mohegan Sun Arena

 4 Bethlehem, PA, Wind Creek Events Center

 5 Boston, MA, House of Blues

 7 Corbin, KY, Corbin Arena

 8 St. Louis, MO, The Factory at The District

10 San Antonio, TX, Tec Port Center + Arena

11 Houston, TX, Bayou Music Center

13 Wichita, KS, The Cotillion

14 Oklahoma City, OK, The Criterion

15 Albuquerque, NM, Revel

17 Riverside, CA, Riverside Municipal Auditorium

18 Oakland, CA, Fox Theater