MONUMENTS-UK Metal Band Set To Release New LP, “In Stasis” on April 15, 2022

MONUMENTS– UK Metal Band Set To Release New LP, “In Stasis” on April 15, 2022

Transatlantic Progressive Metal titans MONUMENTS are back with their fourth full-length studio album, “In Stasis” , set for release on April 15, 2022.


In Stasis is the first studio LP to feature their new vocalist Andy Cizek, and the first LP to have the return of drummer Mike Malyan who left the band in 2015 due to physical injuries. For this review, the focus will be on this LP without making comparisons to their previous works.

For this ten song LP, we see a lineup change and some special guests, which helps separate this LP from similar bands in their genre. The introduction of musical composer Mick Gordon helps to elevate the band’s material with his sonic landscapes and dynamic changes and this gives their material greater depth, more than many of their contemporaries. Their new vocalist Andy Cizek, is a great fit as he effortlessly weaves his vocal styles of brutal multi range growls to melodic singing which effortlessly imparts the expressions of his lyrics. It has also been said by the band that singer Cizek was so quick and effective with his vocals on the demos that the band didn’t have to overthink the tracks too much, giving their music a more organic sound. For this record we also see the return of their original drummer Mike Malyan who worked alongside guitarist John Browne during the demo of all the songs. Together Browne and Malyan have managed to craft rhythms and sounds that are fierce and brutal, technically insane with dynamic subtleties that will capture the listener.

This LP is conceptually tied together with the song’s lyrics that convey the felling of being stuck in the middle of something or as the album title states; In Stasis.” Don’t look for filler tracks or wasted space, every song has musically defined itself as an individual piece of music that stands on it’s own without compromise.

The songs presented here for the most part do go through the somewhat signature sound of this style of metal – with the aggressive growl section, followed by a relief or melodic chorus vocal section. However, if you listen to this LP a few times, you will find it’s in these melodic/chorus sections where you’ll find the hidden gems, some very interesting rhythmic passages that are not typical of this type of section, and that give the listener a sonic expression that takes them to new, unusual and exciting places.

This album has many musical and vocal parts that have the potential to be quite challenging to pull off live, but if the band can effectively reproduce these songs live, keeping the distinct clarity of all the many layers and textures without sounding too muddy; and if the intense vocals even come close to what’s on record; the tour in support of “In Stasis” will definitely be something every metal fan should not pass up the opportunity to see. These songs explode as a full package of brutal, progressive, melodic and in your face badass songs; I can’t wait to see these songs live!

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