Queensryche Named One Of The Top 5 Best Bands of 2015



With so much incredible music coming through Los Angeles and Southern California in 2015 it was very difficult for the readers of LA Metal Media Magazine to submit the winners of the Best Bands Of 2015 LA Metal Media Readers poll. But one of the resounding names that kept appearing at the top of the list was Queensryche. Queensryche shares this spotlight with bands such as Rush and Scorpions.

With a relentless and non-stop touring schedule and the release of their new CD in 2015, Queensryche is a force to be reckoned with.

During the 2015 tour which started in January of 2015 Queensryche recorded all the tracks for their second LP with their new singer Todd La Torre. The CD, titled Condition Human, was released in October of 2015.


This LP embodies the band’s Metal and Progressive roots with drummer Scott Rockenfield’s signature drum style, solid bass work and backing vocals from Eddie Jackson and beautifully textured dual harmony guitars from Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren. The songwriting dives deeper into progressive territories than on some of their previously recorded material and with La Torre’s greater range of vocal styles than his predecessor, this gives the listener and the band alike, new musical soundscapes to explore.

Songs like Guardian, Toxic Remedy and All There Was are steeped in the bands Metal/Prog roots along with killer Wilton/Lundgren guitar harmonies added just for good measure.

Their new Condition Human LP has so many kick ass tracks including Arrow of Time that are made for head melting live performances.

Queensryche came through Southern California on March 27, 2015 to Headline the House of Blues in Anaheim. They played 18 classic Queensryche songs and included a shredding guitar solo duel with Wilton and Lundgren in the middle of their set. At this time they had not introduced any material from their upcoming LP Condition Human. In classic Queensryche style, they shredded the walls off of the House of Blues. The Set List Was:

Nightrider | Breaking The Silence | Walk In The Shadows | The Whisper |En Force | Warning | Silent Lucidity | X2 | Where Dreams Go To Die | Guitar Solo | The Needle Lies | NM 156 | The Lady Wore Black | I Don’t Believe In Love | My Empty Room | Eyes Of A Stranger | Empire

Encore: Queen Of The Reich | Jet City Woman | Take Hold Of The Flame​

Photos at House of Blues by Roc Boyum for LA Metal Media

Soon after the House of Blues show Queensryche went to Miami for the Monsters Of Rock Cruise as one of the headlining bands, which included many incredible artists and was a non-stop party.


The 2015 tour continued with Festivals and shows overseas with a highlight show at Wacken 2015:

Queensryche then joined the Scorpions for The Scorpions 50th Anniversary Tour and on October 3, 2015 they exploded at the sold out show with the Scorpions at the Los Angeles Forum. The Set List Was:

Anarchy-X | The Needle Lies | Walk In The Shadows | Jet City Woman | Silent Lucidity | Arrow of Time | Eyes Of A Stranger | Empire | Queen of the Reich

Just a few days later on October 6, 2015 on an 80 degree night in Southern California, at the Outdoor Santa Barbara Bowl, Queensryche set the night on fire. The band ripped through their set with such a blistering force and energy that the entire crowd was stunned when it was over. They added one new song (Arrow of Time) from their latest LP Condition Human and it was a brilliant addition to their set of Queensryche classics.

If you have not yet been able to catch Queensryche with their new singer, Todd La Torre you have got to see them live. Although La Torre is such a force that he is no longer the “new” guy. He not only captures the essence of all the Queensryche classics like Eyes of a Stranger, Silent Lucidity and Jet City Woman; he also brings an exciting new energy to the band. With the manic energy that La Torre brings to the show it’s clear that it is felt by the audience and each band member alike making this new Queensryche lineup a live show you don’t want to miss! The Santa Barbara Bowl Set List was:

Anarchy-X | The Needle Lies | Walk In The Shadows | Jet City Woman | Silent Lucidity | Arrow of Time | Eyes Of A Stranger | Empire | Queen of the Reich

Photos from the Santa Barbara Bowl by BB Pro Image

Queensryche bring their Tumultuous 2015 Tour to a close and Rock in the New Year at The Nugget Casino, in Sparks Nevada. What an amazing way to kick off 2016!

Their next Southern California appearance will be their headline show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Friday January 8, 2016 where they will be able to present songs off their new CD “Condition Human” and a full set of their special brand of Power/Progressive Metal. Queensryche are also a featured artist on the February 22-26, 2016 Monsters of Rock Cruse, hosted by our friend Eddie Trunk of That Metal Show” and you can spend 24/7 in/on a sea of Metal Madness!

eddie Trunk-5-1

Be sure to get your tickets now and keep metal alive!!!


New Queensryche CD – http://queensrycheofficial.com/news